Pitstop analysis

Automatically analyze the team's performance at pitstops

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Pitstop stopwatch

Automatically start the stopwatch when the car arrives at the pitstop. Analyze how much time it takes to change the tires, fuel the car and do maintenance. Detect, analyze and improve your performance.


Computer vision for pitstop

Get a complete picture of how well your pitstop crew is performing. Analyze each move, fine-tuning the total time spent on a refill, detect refueller and better navigate other manipulations.

Pose detection for pitstop

It's important for your crew to move as one person at the pitstop. Track and analyze crew members' postures and see how they can train better to perform their job more efficiently and effectively.


Key features

Object detection

Automatically detect cars, refuellers and other objects at the pitstop.

Person detection

Our advanced MI technology automatically detects people in video.

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