Brand detection

Automatically detect and track brands in video or broadcast for insights on display share through machine intelligence (MI) technology.

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Logo detection

Rolos technology recognizes how many times a logo is shown in a specific video, enabling precise media data collection and more. The advanced MI approach even captures logos shown in a vertical position, under a difficult angle or obstructed by another object. With this advanced technology, even tracking a multitude of brands simultaneously is possible.


Granular reporting

Once the video analysis is completed, Rolos automatically creates a granular report showing brand shares in the video. This detailed data provides access to better analyze and report on media appearance to be leveraged internally and with stakeholders.

Key features

Brand detection

Easily spot and track brands that appear in the video.

Brand analysis

Automatically analyse how many times a brand shows.

Multiple object tracking

Track several brands or objects.

Start leveraging MI to your advantage

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