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See how Machine Intelligence (MI) can advance your sports performance and drive your team to the top.

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Brand recognition

Maximize data collection and gain insights from videos using MI innovation. Leverage brand recognition during events.

Speech recognition

Analyze sportsmen's speech during races. Our advanced MI technologies allow you to cut through the background noise and wind.

Pitstop analysis

Collect vital sports stats during crucial moments with MI technology to track, analyze and advance team performance.

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Rolos racing

Gain a tech advantage with the Rolos sports consulting services, ranging from computer vision and data analysis to automated journalism and leading-edge wearables. 

Pose analysis

Track and analyze player posture during games, improving player performance more insightfully and effectively through insightful feedback to adjust technique and maximize results.

W series analysis

Predict the performance of race participants based on the outcome and overall performance of the race. Make actionable strategic and business decisions based on key data collected.

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