Machine Intelligence (MI) for sports

Tap into deep learning applications through machine intelligence (MI) and achieve new standards of accuracy and performance.

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What can MI do for you?

Brand recognition

Maximize data collection and gain insights from videos using MI innovation. Leverage brand recognition during events and live broadcasts to identify frequency, position, duration of visualization and its splits per brand.

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speech recognition

Speech recognition

Analyze speech data during sport events through MI technology, comparing play/race time with dialogue time to better evaluate brand positioning and key performance outcome.

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Pitstop analysis

Collect vital sports stats during crucial moments with MI technology to track, analyze and advance team performance.

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Team detection

The video analytics functionality allows us to recognize teams and calculate how often they appear in the video.

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More use cases

Formula E strategy tool

Predict the performance of race participants based on the outcome and overall performance of the race. Make strategic and business decisions based on key data.

Speech translation

Voice analysis based on TV feed including translation of and conversion to text. Current languages include: English, French, Spanish, German, Mandarin and Japanese.

Game analytics

Detect, track and analyze key on-field moments, tracking objects (players, racecars, opponents), monitoring key performance derails and improving game and race performance.

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MI for advanced business decisions

With bespoke MI technologies and machine vision upgrade, you can streamline fan inquiries on a variety of topics, expand media coverage capabilities and optimize training and performance. Are you ready to take your sports business to the next level?

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