Leverage the power of Machine Intelligence for video analytics in sports and add a digital edge to the spectator experience.

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Machine Intelligence (MI) for Sports

Tap into deep learning applications through machine intelligence (MI) and achieve new standards of accuracy and performance.

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In collaboration with Acronis, SIT Autonomous implements MI racing capabilities, leading Season Beta of Roborace, the world’s first extreme competition of autonomous vehicles.

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All Use Cases

See how Machine Intelligence (MI) can advance your sports performance and drive your team to the top.

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Stay up-to-date on the latest industry trends and insights on MI and autonomous technology.

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Key Use Cases


Brand Recognition

Maximize data collection and gain insights from videos using MI innovation.

speech recognition

Speech Recognition

Analyze speech data during sport events through MI technology.

pitstop analysis

Pitstop Analysis

Collect vital sports stats with MI technology and advance sport team performance.

team recognition

Team Detection

Leverage MI innovation to evaluate screen time appearance and performance.

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SIT Autonomous works together with Acronis, leader in cybersecurity and data protection, SIT Autonomous implements topnotch cyber protection solutions to ensure all data, application and systems for MI in Sports.